IO: Inventory Optimization


IO checks spare part policies against required system availability and recommends a policy that minimizes the total cost of spare parts for the initial purchase, and throughout the system’s lifetime. The module takes into consideration repair sites, repair delay time, lead-time, transportation, packing, downtime costs and more.

IO checks all spare part policies against the required system availability. It recommends the optimal number of spare parts for each replaceable part number at each stock site (Exchange and / or Forward). IO enables minimizing the total cost of spare parts initially purchased, and their handling throughout the system’s lifetime, taking into account repair sites, repair delay time, lead time, transportation, packing, down time costs and more.

Another option is to optimize the spare combination given a budget limit. In this case apmOptimizer IO module will recommend the spare combination that gives the highest possible system availability under the given budget.


Spare part recommendations at the various stock sites