RO: Resources Optimization


Operation sites, maintenance sites and repair shops need to operate under varying work loads. The variation results from unexpected component failures. The challenge is to find the optimal combination of resources at each site, that allows the site to function properly and achieve availability goals.

The RO module objective is to recommend the optimal number of maintenance resources at each maintenance site, providing the given availability of all serviced systems with minimum service and damage cost. Maintenance resources include spare items, personnel, support equipment, tools, facilities and materials.

The RO algorithm accounts for:

  • Resources and time required for each occurring task.
  • Financial costs of asset down-time damage, collateral damage due to unexpected failures, transportation costs
  • Asset break-down structure and redundancies
  • Item failure probability and density functions
  • Logistic data such as transportation times, supply delays etc

When combined with apmOptimizer’s complementary modules, the RO module can generate significant cost reductions.