fiXtress CAD Integration for an Effective Workflow


Download brochure: fixtress for OrCAD

BQR fiXtress can fit directly into different design processes, and can support and empower electronics engineers for better- designed products with fewer design issues.

In order to streamline the integration of fiXtress into the company’s workflow, BQR has developed a design and integration concept for various CAD software. The CAD integration can be performed by BQR, in cooperation with customers for better integration into the specific workflow of the customer.

The workflow is based on the following:

fiXtress CAD Integration


This workflow enables company engineers to analyze and validate Design, Stress, Reliability and Derating issues while still working on the schematic.

Each company can integrate different stages and aspects of the software into the CAD, or combine the solution with the Library Automation solution by BQR.