About BQR


Engineering Your Way to Success

BQR has over two decades of experience in providing software and consulting services in the areas of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering for complex products/assets comprising electronic and mechanical components. BQR software tools and services are used by leading companies in various industries to support product lifecycle, from inception, through design, manufacturing and operation, to disposal.

Better Products, Faster

BQR software and services help engineers design and verify processes, from initial concept to optimal system design,  in order to achieve customer requirements and superior field results. BQR tools allow companies to save on both the design process and after fielding, for superior, robust products with improved reliability.


An Essential Component for Any CAD, PLM & EAM Solution

BQR software tools are recognized by industry leaders as an essential component for any CAD (Computer Aided Design), PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) and EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) systems, ensuring reliability, testing, safety and maintenance planning and optimization.


Providing a Competitive Edge

Today’s rapidly advancing, competitive hardware market fuels the demand for more complex designs coupled with fewer product development cycles. BQR helps address these divergent trends by detecting errors early in the design process, and by providing optimal recommendations and solutions to correct them.


Comprehensive Solutions

With automated software that addresses various aspects and stages of the design process, BQR tailors solutions to customer needs. We combine our field-proven solutions with expert consultation services to achieve best outcomes for our customers.


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