apmOptimizer ILS Solution

Handling Logistical Array Problems

In today’s world, complex logistical arrays are common practice in both military and civilian cases.

With complex logistical infrastructures, large-scale problems may arise, which are hard to analyze and handle. mil STD 1388 was established in 1984 to provide a solution for this issue. However, this standard is very cumbersome and does not consider various situations typical of both military and civilian logistical scenarios.

apmOptimizer ILS solution modules

Solving the ILS Problem

BQR offers an innovative approach to the LORA analysis and logistical infrastructure issues. apmOptimizer accounts for the traditional LORA, but uses many other variables to better account for the economical and maintenance related elements of the analysis. apmOptimizer considers the impact of the logistical array on other maintenance aspects and on the asset availability as a derivative of the analysis.

Main issues addressed:

  • Repair or discard of each logistic candidate, for each maintenance site
  • Maintenance site for repairable items
  • Forward and central storage facilities
  • Spare parts quantities in each storage facility for each repair and discard candidate
  • Supplier options based on location, price, timing and availability
  • Transportation means between storage and maintenance site

Start Optimization from the Sketchboard

apmOptimizer is not confined to an existing system, and can allow a user to assess and assemble the best solutions based on different future or planned scenarios. This enables planning ahead and identifying the optimal maintenance and logistical array that will increase and optimize the cost and availability of the deployed systems. This allows allocating the right budget and reaching the best results when a company or organization needs to plan new activities and deploy new facilities.