Maintenance Optimization Solution


apmOptimizer optimizes maintenance strategy and drives organizations from corrective to predictive maintenance.

apmOptimizer enables scheduling of preventive and predictive maintenance actions in a way that maximizes asset availability.

apmOptimizer bundles tasks to ensure optimal use of maintenance resources and minimal shutdowns. It enables optimal use of plant shutdowns for performing maintenance and minimizes unplanned, failure-induced stoppage.

apmOptimizer maintenance solution modules

Maintenance Optimization Solution Benefits

  • Significantly reduces expensive and disruptive corrective maintenance
  • Fine-tunes preventive maintenance according to the organizationʼs needs
  • Enables optimization based on real time data collected from a wide variety of sensor types
  • Can reduce maintenance cost at an average of 30% of total LCC


Maintenance Optimization Starting at the Design Table


apmOptimizer maintenance optimization solution is best utilized in the design stage of new assets. Beginning to build the asset tree and using the asset’s maintainability as part of the design’s maintenance parameters will result in immense savings. apmOptimizer can be used with different outputs from system design tools, as an integrated part of the design process.


Integrated into Asset Maintenance Management Tools

The Maintenance Optimization solution can work integrally with unique maintenance documentation systems for better data collection and easy implementation of optimization results.
This data provides users with a accurate system modelling and top-level optimization for field implementation.