Inventory Optimization Solution

apmOptimizer provides the highest savings for spare parts while fulfilling asset confidence and availability requirements.

apmOptimizer inventory solution provides users with availability/cost spare parts optimization which achieves best results for less cost. apmOptimizer inventory solution builds a comprehensive asset model and performs an initial assessment of the maintenance concept.  This model is based on information from maintenance procedures, historical failure data, reliability data, logistical infrastructure, resource allocation, supply chain data, operating profiles, costs and maintenance timing. The optimization process then provides detailed spare quantity recommendations for the required confidence and/or operational availability.

apmOptimizer’s intelligent proprietary algorithms make it the best strategic decision-support solution in the market.

apmOptimizer Sparing solution modules

Inventory optimization tailored to customer needs

The apmOptimizer inventory optimization utilizes two different mechanisms based on the existing data and criticality level of the asset:

Spare Parts Confidence

apmOptimizer defines the stock quantities requred for fulfilling the requested confidence level for having a spare in inventory. This module takes into account the number of units in service, failure rates and Turnaround Time (TAT).

Inventory Optimization for Operational Availability

apmOptimizer optimizes spare quantities for maximum asset operational availability at minimum cost. This module relates to the asset’s availability rather than stock confidence.
apmOptimizer can further enhance spare parts optimization by optimizing logistics infrastructure parameters and repair-discard policies. This provides a variety of new spare recommendations that significantly increase availability and revenue. apmOptimizer eliminates dead stock, defines spare parts’  locations, defines  the exact quantity to hold in each location and optimizes spare sharing between central, local and forwarded stocks.


Inventory Optimization Solution Benefits

  • Optimal spare quantities for required confidence levels for each stock site.
  • Best operational availability for a specified provisioning budget.
  • Lowest provisioning cost for specified operational availability.
  • Spare mix alternatives for meeting requirements at minimal cost.
  • Both initial and replenishment spare quantities.


Optimized spares – right from the start, at the design table

apmOptimizer can bring value starting as early as in the design phase, not just after integration with design tools. It is a support tool that can help predict and allocate the best Spare parts optimization, reduce the total LCC of the asset and assist in sale and operation of the future asset.


Save on costs and improve availability

apmOptimizer provides powerful cost analysis  information for a variety of asset management/acquisition alternatives. Multiple sparing alternatives can be assessed and compared in terms of overall cost of ownership and operational performance over their anticipated lifespan. The most suitable solution can then be selected for implementation.