CARE DfR Package


The CARE DfR package is a core tool for assessing, analyzing and improving your product.

This package contains the basics for MTBF prediction and the tools for performing FMECA/FMEA analysis, FTA (Fault tree analysis) and RBD (reliability block Diagram) modeling, from the component level upwards. These processes create an optimal system redundancy framework for assessing required MTBF and improving system availability.

CARE DfR software is available as a package or as separate modules.

CARE DfR provides all the tools for creating a rounded, well designed and well planned system.

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A Single Workflow, Saving on Both Costs and Time

CARE DfR package uses BQR core database for transferring the information from one module to the next. The process helps the user easily create the each analysis, based on information from previous analysis.

For example, you can perform MTBF prediction and transfer the product tree, including the hierarchies, interrelation of the components and predicted MTBF values to the FMEA, from the component level upwards.