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Automated Design Verification Solution | Identifies Errors in Single or Multi-Board Schematic Designs | Detects Over-stressed Components |
Powered by Patented  Generative-AI Technology


Key Features:

  • Enables the proactive identification of hidden design flaws through AI-powered simulation, eliminating the need for physical prototypes until later stages.

  • Automated Schematic Review (ASR)

  • Multi-PCB Design Inspection: Reviews schematics for errors during design.

  • Precise Electrical Stress Simulation: Analyzes electrical stress on components.

  • Multi-Board System Level Simulation: Considers interactions between multiple PCBs.

  • Extensive Design Rule Library (predefined rules can be extended with user-defined ones): Offers a wide range of design rules with customization options.

  • Real Stress Analysis (uses Interface Control Document (ICD) signals and tolerances): Analyzes stress based on real-world power and load conditions.



  • 90% Faster Verification: Get results quicker and focus on innovation.

  • Precise Stress Analysis: Identify potential issues and prevent unexpected failures.

  • East-To-Use AI Technology

  • Minimal Data Entry: Spend less time on input and more on engineering.

  • Scalable to Complex Designs: Confidently handle even the largest boards.

  • Early Error Detection: Catch mistakes early and avoid costly rework.

  • Enhanced Quality: Deliver better designs with fewer errors.

  • Accelerate Product Launch: Reduce time-to-market.

  • Superior Design Error Detection Capabilities


How It Works:

  • Circuithawk's generative-AI-powered circuit error detection boasts the highest detection capabilities, as it is based on two key factors

1. Top design best practices derived from over

 4,000 projects.

2. Specific design rules extracted from component datasheets.

  • These factors enable highly precise error identification tailored to your specific components.

  • CircuitHawk considers realistic electrical stress on components for a more accurate analysis.

Modern Minimalist Simple Technology Banner (3000 x 3000 px)(3).jpg

Design Robust Products. Fast. With AI.

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