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Company History

BQR Headquarters

BQR headquarters

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BQR has been formed by 2 highly motivated individuals, Yizhak & Riky Bot, who always had a strong will and ambition to succeed, no matter what. BQR was founded in Israel in 1989 as a Consulting and Software development company for implementing RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety). From the very beginning, the company was made out of a unique collection of scientists and engineers.

Yizhak Bot

Riky Bot

Since then, more than 30 years have passed. During that time frame, BQR developed a ground-breaking technology that includes patent-based software solutions, which allow to perform simulation testing, starting from the component level, through the electronic / mechanical assembly, all the way up to system level.

By doing so, the company has led its clients to reduce time to market by 20%, save a fortune on design costs, and later on save 35% on O&M costs. On top of that, it is already safe to say that a steady and consistent use of these software solutions (fiXtress, CARE, apmOptimizer) was able to improve the products robustness of some of the largest enterprises in the world.

BQR’s Core Strengths:


    30+ years of in-depth engineering experience in analyzing thousands of projects from the defense, aerospace, gas & oil, rail, automotive, medical, telecom, and many other industries.


    Saving your design time and field maintenance cost is our mission; BQR software solutions have led our clients to reduce time to market by 20% and save an average of 35% in maintenance cost, while achieving 100 times ROI of every dollar invested in BQR’s solutions.


    Our first-rate Software & Modules are developed specifically to increase Reliability (CARE®), improve the EDA design process (fiXtress™) and reduce Maintenance Engineering costs (apmOptimizer™).


    BQR’s technology is based on Analytics, AI, and advanced simulation testing. It analyzes your design, breaks down any electronic or mechanical system to basic components, and builds the product / system RAMS models for optimization.


    BQR software solutions support your engineering needs from a variety of sectors: CAD, EDA, PLM, SLM, Industry 4.0, IIOT, ERP, EAM, CMMS, Safety, RAMS, ILS, Supply Chain, System Engineering & Design Analysis.

BQR’s Software Solutions:

fiXtress Unique Capabilities:

  • A technology that helps designers of electronic systems to improve the end-product reliability and robustness.
  • fiXtress detects design errors on the schematic level, before layout and production – reducing the time needed to detect those errors by QA & integration tests.
  • A powerful and unique (patented) design error detection driven by electrical stress simulation.
  • Prevents schematic, connectivity and stress errors during design before qualification and Integration tests during final product verification.

Advantages of CARE:

  • Integrated software suite that empowers engineers to analyze and improve product reliability, availability, maintainability and safety.
  • Analyzes various types of component failures and their effects on system operational behavior and safety.
  • Identifies consequences and risks of system failures and recommends the optimal redundancy and built-in-test circuits for diagnostics.

Cost-Saving Features of apmOptimizer:

  • Integrated solution for asset maintenance and logistics planning and optimization, reducing downtime and saving maintenance cost.
  • Optimizes existing maintenance plans and predicts the outcome of different maintenance scenarios using analytic simulation tools.
  • Strategic decision-making tool for asset design and operation.