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BQR offers expert reliability, stress analysis and maintenance (planning, analysis and optimization) engineering consulting services.

Customers using BQR services save extensive costs and time by using BQR high standard service, which complies with the requirements of companies like Boeing and NASA.

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Over the past 20 years, BQR has been providing on-demand reliability and maintenance modeling and analysis services, to help engineers and managers achieve optimum design and productivity.

With hundreds of customers worldwide, in industries ranging from electronics, equipment, and network infrastructure manufacturing, to plants, defense and fleets – we facilitate the implementation of world-class strategic reliability and maintenance concepts according to ISO standards.

Whether you need a concise or detailed analysis of your products’ reliability or a new maintenance concept, our experts are here to help you meet your goals.

Our engineers provide best practice analysis that shortens and improves your design process, and our customers report tremendous savings in time and costs

BQR accommodates requests for any product size or complexity, built of electronic and mechanical components. Results are quickly provided using an integrated set of software tools including fiXtress, CARE, and apmOptimizer.

BQR provides standard consulting packages such as training, MTBF prediction, stress analysis and maintenance modeling. Furthermore, customers can request any customized consulting analysis relating to RAMS and ILS.