“BQR tools are used for reliability prediction, FMECA, testing analysis, maintenance analysis and LSA.
The reliability prediction tool enables performing MTBF calculation and stress analysis calculation. The tool gives the user a platform for establishing and maintaining component libraries, saving analysis time while using the items in different designs. Product trees can be automatically loaded into the tool using simple interfaces such as Excel. The data can be also transferred to other CARE tools such as FMECA and RBD. The RBD includes basic and comprehensive models based on network and Markov algorithm.
The FMECA complies with the basic MIL-STD 1629. It enables performing a full FMECA including testing analysis. The FMECA creates a tree structure supporting the user in building the ALFA coefficient based on the HW/functions failure rates.
LSA is a good tool, enabling the user to perform task analysis and produce logistic analysis reports. The export data can be loaded to certified LSAR 1388 tools. The tool package also includes a powerful unique automatic stress analysis module (CircuitHawk) and design evaluation tool. This tool enables the user to perform an electrical stress analysis at a level that cannot be achieved manually. Design issues can be detected as part of this analysis.
To sum up, BQR tools give the user a very good platform for performing R&M tasks and analysis in accordance with different standards required by the market. BQR company has very good customer support that is well equipped to resolve issues and implement new ideas and function regarding their tools.”