“CARE is friendly, easy to use and very powerful. CARE is a very cost effective reliability analysis tool with accurate results as compared to the standards. We are highly satisfied with its performance and results, recommending it to all.”

Dr. Jak Marcovici, TelkoorProject Engineer

“CARE is friendly, powerful, and has an extraordinary relationship between cost and performance. We are highly satisfied with its results, and recommend it to anyone in need of a professional and accurate reliability analysis tool.”

Mrs. M. J. P. P. , Global Manufactures Services ValenciaDesign Engineer

“We are confident that the communication systems world and any other electronic industry will derive great value from using BQR’s tool to improve system reliability during the design process. We found the CARE tool to be very user friendly and useful for reliability allocation tasks. BQR team’s technical support, ideas and services were, and still are, very much appreciated by all of our design team.”

Nissim Cohen, TadiranTechnology Manager

“With the BQR RBD software, and without any previous experience, we analyzed the network pretty fast, and compared the availability and reliability of all suggested alternatives, to find the preferred one. After brief training, we found the software to be very friendly and easy to use. In order to check the accuracy of the calculation, we applied the software to some non-complex networks, compared the results with hand calculations, and found the RBD software to be very accurate.”

Dr. H. Ben Haim & G. Heller, Israel Electric Corp.Department Manager and RAM Expert Engineer

“BQR has been analyzing reliability for us for quite a few years now (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety – RAMS). Elbit is highly satisfied with their analysis, quality of work, and ability to meet deadlines.”

David Givoni, Elbit SystemsElectronic Manager