Library Automation processes for fiXtress software


BQR fiXtress and CARE are both using a unique library format that was created to better model different component behavior and type for BQR software calculations.

These models are partially based on reliability standard and part developed by BQR engineers and developers. In many cases companies that use reliability or analysis software are required to create the analysis libraries manually. as a result BQR developed an automation process that assists the companies that acquire the fiXtress to create an automated process that can either remove the need for component libraries creation completely or partially based on the original library concept of the company.


The Automation solution

fiXtress library automation

BQR takes the Existing library format (CIS for example) for creating new components in the database and based on the existing (in some methods a few fields are added) data automatically creates the reliability database for the customer.

This process is fully automated and do not need any human assistance. The process can save hundreds of man hours of manually inserting numbers into tables and going through large component tables within the standards in order to create the libraries. The process is based on software that finds some of the data in the existing libraries and completes the reliability data and other needed data based on BQR algorithm and special fitting tables for specific component families.

Why is it worth the cost?

Each component can take up to 30 min of going over tables and data sheets, and the reduced work load is about the equivalent to the job of additional component engineer. In addition this process allows a company to use MTBF as a much more day to day tool and use it internally to check for design standard and compare new and older models of the same product.

What are the requirements?

BQR automates the libraries without user interaction and as a background process. This requires the company to supply BQR with current Library format and specific fields (most are very basic and exist in most libraries) my need to be added. In addition BQR requires the database file used for new component insertion to the library. The process is unique for each company and BQR is doing a specific translator file for the company in order to do the automation.

The file only works with BQR software and don’t write libraries for other software then CARE and fiXtress, however data from created library can be used to enrich PDM library tools.