fiXtress™ Precise Stress Analysis Software

fiXtress Precise performs automated Stress Analysis for complete designs in the verification (pre-layout) phase, using a physical simulation. Accurate stress calculations are performed after the BOM freeze, providing actual operational parameters for all components in the circuit, such as power dissipation, voltage and current for a mixed signal, Analog, Digital, and RF including DC/DC power supplies. fiXtress Precise uses state vectors for analog circuits, and BUS simulation for digital circuits. The results serve as guidance for smart component placement based on component power dissipation.

fiXtress Precise is a comprehensive Design for Reliability (DFR) software tool that optimizes the final design. BQR’s fiXtress Precise replaces the complex implementation of Kirchhoff laws in AC & DC stress analysis/Network analysis with an automated and innovative process, while accounting for component operation modes.

Removing Errors and Problems on the First Go

fiXtress Precise Electrical Stress Analysis performs DC, AC and BUS simulations that provide accurate real operation results. The results can then be analyzed for different functional reports such as: Indication of power drops, issues in derating or overrating, low supply voltage for components, design, connectivity errors and problems in switching, and for a comprehensive reliability prediction. fiXtress Precise must run on a final design and is used as a final gate for design approval before layout and manufacturing.


Reducing Field and Testing Failures

fiXtress Precise stress analysis is a part of DFR oriented process. The goal of the analysis is to simulate the stress in steady state activity (worst case) in order to detect potential problematic components or design issues that may affect testing or fielded products. Products that have been analyzed by fiXtress showed a 1:10 rate for ROI relative to the cost of the analysis, and reduced field failure rates (also shown in MTBF prediction numbers).


The Process and Concept

DC simulation takes into account all voltage drops, while AC simulation uses the frequencies of clocks and other signals which affect the power dissipation. The
BUS simulation toggles all digital signals in order to calculate the current required by all inputs of a single BUS line and checks if the output can provide such a current.
Precise is easy to use by the design verification team, as the designer already defined circuit characteristic information in the project file, using fiXtress Rapid stress simulation. Precise simulates the actual electrical stress levels across the entire path. Based on this simulation, Precise checks if the components’ rating values meet the derating criteria for power, voltage, current, junction temperature, and fan-in/fan-out parameters.
Overstressed and over-designed components are reported and recommendations are made for optimal rating.

Thermal Design Placement Guidelines

By estimating the average PCB heating which exceeds required PCB environmental temperature, fiXtress Precise automatically calculates the exact junction temperature for each semiconductor and IC. As a result of this analysis, fiXtress Precise provides thermal design placement guidelines using a Pareto list.

MTBF and Service Life Predictions
fiXtress Precise offers accurate MTBF and service life prediction based on the actual temperature and electrical stress (voltage, power, current) imposed on each component.
This valuable information assists in planning warranty periods and in optimizing spare parts.

Physics of Failure B (PoF B)

This unique feature was developed based on a system for predicting the failure mechanisms of different types of components. The prediction enables the engineer to identify the most problematic component for the most prominent failure mechanism.

Derating module

The fiXtress precise derating module identifies not only over-stressed and over rated components, but enables the engineer to identify over-designed components that can be designed with a lower rating and smaller size, which can be useful in the case of PCB placement constraints.

fiXtress Precise includes fiXtress Schematic Reviewas an integrated tool.


fixtress precise stress analysis workflow

workflow using precise