Defense equipment must be operational at all times, for the required mission duration, and under any environmental conditions.

Furthermore, failure of defense equipment can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, high safety standards have to be upheld. This can be achieved only if reliability and safety are embedded features that have been designed into the product.

Reliability and safety are achieved by incorporating fault tolerance, Built In Tests (BITs), high quality components, and rugged designs.

Another aspect of the defense industry is the need for extensive fleet maintenance. Defense systems have long life cycles, sometimes exceeding 50 years. Maintenance and logistics programs for such fleets can be quite expensive.

Designing systems for long lifecycles, multi-tier maintenance and high availability requires a holistic view of the system operation and maintenance. BQR’s software allows to model such systems and gain important insights that can reduce cost, design time, and field failures.

BQR’s services and software are used by leading defense manufacturers for reliability and availability assessments of C4I systems, telecommunication networks, and aerospace electronics. Furthermore, BQR provides maintenance, logistics, and spare parts optimization for the defense sector.

BQR provides the following software and professional services for the Defense industry







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