HLS – Homeland Security

Homeland Security (HLS) is defined as the task of keeping a country safe, secure, and resilient against threats to the country that include terrorism and natural disasters.

The HLS industry is a diverse collection of technologies for perimeter protection, access control, cyber security, critical infrastructure security, emergency communication, public announcements, explosives detection and data gathering and analytics.



HLS systems have to be safe, reliable and easily maintainable in order to provide high quality services over long periods of time under harsh conditions. Therefore, RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) aspects have to be integrated in the design process of HLS products.



Maintenance and logistics of HLS systems is challenging because perimeters can be geographically distributed in hard to reach locations, equipment can become obsolete, and complex supply chains may exist.
BQR’s professional services and apmOptimizer software can optimize logistics, spare parts, inspection and preventive maintenance schedules for high performance at reduced maintenance cost.

BQR provides the following software and professional services