Power and Wind Farms

Power stations must work non-stop to provide energy to critical infrastructure as well as millions of homes and families. Furthermore, alternative energy sources are increasing competition in the industry. For these reasons high availability and cost effective performance are a paramount requirement for the power industry.


Specific challenges for the power industry

  • Many wind farms are reaching the end of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service agreements, and the operators have to find alternative maintenance and logistics plans
  • Long transportation times for maintenance due to geographically distributed power grids
  • Low accessibility for maintenance, for example: offshore wind farms and buried lines
  • Safety of rotating heavy machinery, and high voltage lines
  • Supervising and controlling large networks with many power sources


Optimization of asset maintenance and logistics can significantly reduce the annual maintenance cost and overall life cycle cost.


Such optimization requires an interdisciplinary analysis of:

  • Failure modes (for example: failure of rotor winding)
  • Effects of failures (fault tolerance, effect on grid and power supply)
  • Probabilities and rates of failures
  • Maintenance resources and times including waiting time for spare parts
  • Costs of failures, spare parts, manpower, support equipment, transportation, production loss due to downtime

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