fiXtress: Component Derating and Realistic MTBF Prediction

fiXtress per circuiti elettronici

BQR’s fiXtress is a powerful solution for electronic products reliability analyses.

Derating analysis identifies over stressed and over designed components that may need to be replaced.

Component stresses can be quickly assigned using an ECAD Plug-In.

After the derating analysis is complete, stress based MTBF prediction provides a realistic estimate of the mean time to product failure.

fiXtress is a superior Design for Reliability (DfR) suite, serving as an add-on for any Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool.

fiXtress modules can either operate standalone, or complement other modules to provide a comprehensive DfR solution for electrical circuits and PCB design.


fiXtress include i seguenti moduli

  • Declassamento dei componenti
  • Pronostico MTBF realistico
  • Mini termica: riscaldamento medio della PCB
  • Assegnazione rapida dello stress
  • Plug-in ECAD
  • Cloud MTBF

fiXtress Benefits

  • Standard di derating pronti all'uso
  • Users can define their own derating standards
  • Detect all EOS (Electrical Over Stress) violations with Pareto, over-stress and over-design reports
  • Unique Thermal analysis that estimates the average temperature rise over the cold-plate, for accurate stress derating
  • Calculate an accurate MTBF based on real electrical and thermal stresses
  • Previsione MTBF per tutti gli standard disponibili
  • Drive reliability data automatically to all RAMS analyses (FMECA, FTA, RBD, MTTR)