Derating Analysis for Electronic Components

부품 경감 분석이란 무엇입니까?

The maximum rating for applied component stress (current, voltage, power, temperature, etc.) is defined by the manufacturer, and even stricter derating guidelines are defined to increase product robustness. Component derating analysis defines the optimal operating range for each component.


Why You Need Component Derating Analysis

Component damage may occur when it is subjected to power, current, voltage, or temperature which surpass its maximum stress rating.
Electrical overstress affects product performance, and is the leading cause of field returns.

Failure Pareto Analysis

Figure 1: Typical failure Pareto analysis


Many engineers select components that have a maximal rating which is twice the expected actual stress. However, as temperatures increase, component performance deteriorates, this practice becomes insufficient, and derating guidelines must be applied.


Component derating analysis helps you select the optimal components rating according to stress load and temperature.

Derating analysis for electronic components

그림 2 : 구성 요소 감세 지침의 예


분석은 과도 평가 (빨간색) 및 과도 화 (노란색) 구성 요소를 감지합니다. 과도하게 설계된 부품은 스트레스가 정격보다 훨씬 낮을 때도 감지됩니다.
In many companies, the process is performed manually and includes time-consuming tasks: Calculating component stresses and comparing the result with the derating guidelines for each component type.


BQR Component Derating Analysis

The BQR solution automates the manual process of component stress and derating analysis, optimizing the component selection for reliability and cost effectiveness.


  • Plug-Ins for major E-CADs (Altium, Mentor, OrCad) provide easy BOM import as well as presenting results on the schematic design.
  • Stress can be input semi-automatically, or calculated using a unique circuit stress simulator.
  • 경감 지침은 표준 [1-6] 또는 귀사의 관행에 따라 사용자 정의 할 수 있습니다.
  • Thermal placement guidelines in the form of a Pareto list, for optimal placement during layout.

스트레스 결과에 대한 추가 용도 :

Once the component stresses are defined, additional analyses can be held:

  • BQR’s patented schematic review detects a wide variety of design errors before layout. Some of the errors depend on stress, for example: incorrect applied voltage.
  • BQR’s MTBF calculation software uses the defined stresses for realistic MTBF prediction.



참조 :

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