ECAD – Integration

Advantages of ECAD Integration

fiXtress Plug-In serves as an add-on for any Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool, including Altium, OrCad and Mentor.
The integration with EDA holds a variety of benefits:

  • Improving design robustness by detecting design errors during the schematic phase
  • Correcting hard-to-detect design errors before manufacturing
  • Streamlining the design process
  • 고신뢰성의 전자 보드가 요구되는 모든 산업에 적용 가능
  • Accelerating time to market by reducing design cycles
  • Optimizing component selection, reliability & MTBF
  • Ensuring adherence to derating guidelines
  • Optimizing thermal design


ECAD Integration Features

  • Simple Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) calculation according to Mil Hdbk 217 parts count, or Telcordia SR-332 issue 3, parts stress. The BOM is automatically imported from the CAD, and the tool also includes a components P/N library for reuse of defined components.
  • Component stresses can be easily defined, propagated to other connected components, and displayed in the schematic design.
  • Net-name and Net-property generator for standardized and meaningful net names. Netlist data is automatically retrieved from the CAD, and can be updated in order to clarify the meaning and usage of the net. Based on IEC-63238-1.
  • Back annotation – Stresses and revised net-names on the CAD schematic drawing.
  • Easy connection to fiXtress, provides automated design error detection and automates component derating.


Prepare Data for CircuitHawk

  • Automated schematic review according to a flexible rule checker that allows to add user defined rules.
  • Circuit simulation and stress analysis for complex circuit designs. The simulation allows to detect additional design errors.
ECAD software ECAD plugin

Note to Zuken or PADS users

Although BQR currently does not have a plug-in for Zuken or PADS, the EDA allows to easily export the Bill Of Materials and Connections to Excel. These files can be imported by BQR software for MTBF calculation, stress analysis and schematic review.

Altium Plug-In
MTBF software, OrCad Plug-In
OrCad에 대한 Telcordia MTBF 예측
MTBF software, OrCad Plug-In
MIL HDBK 217 부품 수 OrCad에 대한 MTBF 예측
MTBF software, Mentor Plug-In
Mentor의 Telcordia MTBF 예측
MTBF software, Mentor Plug-In
Mentor에 대한 MIL-HDBK-217F 부품 수 방법에 의한 MTBF 예측
MTBF Prediction: Agile - BQR integration