BQR Cloud Solutions (BQR-Digital)


While BQR offers many desktop software applications for Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) analyses, a need was identified for online tools.


The advantages of online tools are

  • Application is available from any terminal with a browser
  • Pay only when you need to use the application
  • Quick registration
  • No need to worry about computing power

BQR is in the process of migrating the capabilities of the desktop tools to the cloud.


Several online applications already exist

MTBF Calculation based on Mil-HDBK-217 F2 Parts Count

  • Easy BOM import
  • Component Libraries
  • Detailed and Pareto reports

Field Data Analysis

  • Import field data
  • Supports many distributions
  • Accounts for maintenance events
Field Failure Rate

Free online calculators

  • Failure rates, MTBF, and life conversions
  • Spare parts calculator
  • Reliability Block Diagram for 3 sub-systems
  • Failure rate with maintenance
  • Confidence interval calculator for test data


  • Save time and effort to reliability engineers
  • Comply with international standards
  • Simple yet powerful user interface


  • Software As A Service (SaaS), pay only when you need
  • Reachable from any terminal
  • Secure