Is your organization ready for RAMS digitalization?

Lessons learned from implementation in an aerospace company

In this article, we will introduce a new “Engineering & RAMS Digitalization” system (RAMS-D), which will shorten the time needed to perform RAMS analyses and product qualification testing. This method will ensure robust and reliable products with fast Time to Market. From analyzing the time spent on doing RAMS analyses we found that more than 50% of the time is spent on collecting product data and preparing it for the RAMS analyses. This digitalization system reduces the time spent for creating and standardizing the data. The digital model includes templates that are plugged into the designer CAD system, IEC standards that standardize the data such as ICD Interface Control Document (IEC- 63238-1) and new processes on how to create the data. This method will help designers from different organizations to generate data in the same format for RAMS analyses. This new method was implemented during one year in an aerospace company successfully. This article describes the method and its implementation.