Time saving features for Safety Analyses of Electronic Circuits

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the work flow of Safety and Reliability engineers that conduct safety and MTBF analyses.

By working closely with our customers we identified several time consuming tasks that can be automated.


Following are our latest software time-saving innovations:

MTBF calculation

Failure rate (FIT rate) calculation helps you find the leading product failure causes. Furthermore, it is the basis for FMECA.

MTBF calculation for an electronic circuit requires you to review component data.
BQR’s MTBF software provides you with key component data and link to the datasheet with one click of a button.
Once the component parameters are defined, the component is saved in a library for reuse in later projects.

Screenshot of MTBF prediction software

FMEA / FMECA – Functional Analysis:

In order to know the failure rate of a function in an electronic circuit, components have to be assigned to each function. This can consume a lot of time for circuits with thousands of components. BQR’s FMEA / FMECA software provides an easy and fast way to select components on the schematic and assign them to functions.


FMECA – Component Level Analysis:

When performing component level FMECA, component failure modes and ratios are assigned automatically from failure mode libraries.

Risk Matrix, screenshot of FMECA software

Testability Analysis (BIT Plan)

When designing Built-In Tests for mission critical systems, you have to ensure that the major failure modes are detected, and that good failure isolation is provided.
BQR’s software allows to quickly assign tests to failure modes (based on the FMECA), identify critical functions that are not tested, and calculate the detection and isolation.

FMEDA / Testability Analysis software screenshot

Schematic Review (Design Rule Check)

Although schematic review is not traditionally associated with safety, it is a critical step for identifying and eliminating design errors that may have safety implications.
BQR provides patent based software for advanced schematic review which allows to detect design errors related to safety and reliability, as well as deviation from best practices.

BQR software helps you to streamline the safety analysis process, organize all safety related data in a centralized location, save time, and improve your product design