Our goal is to provide the most user friendly and effective software that caters to the engineer’s needs. We are constantly improving the software and services based on feedback from our customers.

Following are the latest software innovations you can find in BQR’s software

  • Plugins for ECADs (Altium, OrCad, Mentor) that help to export the BOM and quickly conduct MTBF prediction
  • Patented Automated Schematic Review, providing powerful detection of circuit design errors
  • Flexible BOM import option for our MTBF prediction software, allowing to import the BOM from many ECADs
  • Advanced Reliability Block Diagram Monte Carlo simulation, providing point availability for complex system including networks

BQR continually invests in research in order to supply our customers the best software and consulting. Following are several examples:

Software Interface

BQR’s software offers unique features that save the users time and effort:

  • Flexible BOM import tool
  • Import/Export data between all BQR tools

User defined rules for schematic review

Unique testability analysis for optimal BIT design

Unique optimization algorithm for multi-echelon supply chains

Design for Reliability

BQR provides software tools based on advanced techniques which improve products robustness and reliability, reduce Time To Market, save development time & money, reduce down time in manufacturing.
Improve design process

BQR vision is to bring the CircuitHawk, fiXtress and CARE techniques to be used by designers as early in the design, in their CAD system where the design data is created.

This digitization method will enable manufacturers and designers to perform Design for Reliability (DfR) inherently in the design process.

Improve maintenance concept

BQR vision is to help shareholders to evaluate the benefit from implementing industry 4.0 and which sensors solution to select by performing Life cycle Cost analysis on the asset or fleet level which integrates results from all sensors performing Level of Repair analysis, Corrective/Preventive/Predictive maintenance optimization (optimal schedule) and optimal spare parts needed.
This digitization method will enable manufacturers to reduce maintenance cost by 35%, improve unreliability by more then 50% and reduce down time by 50%.