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Our Vision


BQR: Empowering Engineers, Revolutionizing Design

 At BQR we see a future where cutting-edge software tools transform the design of electronic and mechanical systems. Our vision is to be the pioneer in this revolution.

Revolutionizing Design Excellence:

We engineer software that empowers you to create exceptional products. Our tools enhance:

  • Robustness

  • Reliability

  • Safety

  • System Availability

  • Testability

  • Diagnostics

  • Maintainability

By integrating seamlessly with ECAD and MCAD tools, our software fosters a smooth design and development process.


Shift-Left Approach:

Our "shift-left" philosophy emphasizes thorough analysis early in the design phase. This reduces development time, minimizes resource allocation, and ultimately cuts costs.


Actionable Insights, Optimized Products:

Leveraging simulation, analysis, business intelligence, and AI, our tools cater to industries reliant on electronic and mechanical components. Our software breaks down complex systems, builds comprehensive models, and integrates them seamlessly to deliver actionable insights for optimizing your end product.


Why Choose BQR?

  • Save Time and Money: Identify design flaws, stress points, and MTBF early with fiXtress®.

  • Boost Reliability: Enhance product reliability and safety with FMECA+TA (CARE) at any design stage.

  • Optimize Design: Reduce lifecycle costs and improve design with apmOptimizer.

  • Maximize Traceability: BQR software ensures seamless data reuse and traceability.

  • End-to-End Support: With over 30 years of experience, we provide comprehensive, patented engineering solutions for mission-critical systems.

Our Story: A Legacy of Innovation

Founded in 1989 by Yizhak and Riky Bot, BQR began as a consulting and software development company. Over the years, we've developed groundbreaking, patented technology.


BQR's Core Strengths:

  • Extensive Multi-Industry Expertise: More than 30 years of experience across diverse engineering fields.

  • Significant Time & Cost Savings: Our software solutions have helped clients reduce time-to-market by 20% and save an average of 35% in maintenance costs.

  • State-of-the-Art Tools: First-rate software modules designed to increase reliability, improve EDA design efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Our solutions leverage advanced analytics, AI, and simulation testing.

  • Multi-Sector Applications: BQR software supports engineering needs across various sectors.

Contact us to learn how we can meet your engineering needs and embark on a journey of innovation and excellence together.

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