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ECAD Synthelyzer Plugin
Component De-rating & MTBF Prediction Plugin for a Single PCB


Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use PCB Accurate Component Analysis: Collects data and performs lightweight derating analysis to predict component lifespan under various operating conditions. This analysis can be applied to the entire PCB design or specific sections.

  • Calculates PCB reliability: Estimates how long a PCB can function using component count and stress level methods.

  • Automates FMECA analysis: Assigns components to different functions and their potential failure modes within the PCB design.


  • Saves time and reduces errors: Automates manual tasks and provides more accurate data for reliable designs.

  • Shortens design cycles: Streamlines the design process by automating analysis.

  • Delivers more robust products: Helps identify and address potential failure points for higher quality PCBs.

  • Seamless analysis-to-design traceability: Ensure every analysis aligns with real-time design updates, maintaining clarity and relevance.

  • Traceability: By directly connecting the analysis to the most recent schematic version, we achieve complete traceability, making it easier to verify and validate the analysis.

How It Works:

  • Focuses on PCB analysis: Unlike traditional system-level tools, it analyzes individual components on a PCB.

  • Integrates with design tools: Works seamlessly with the most popular ECAD software for in-workflow analysis.

  • Provides granular insights: Enables detailed analysis of potential failure points for accurate PCB reliability predictions.


Key Features

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Data Collection and Analysis

  • Collects detailed PCB components data for CircuitHawk™ and fiXtress®.

  • Performs PCB component derating lite.

  • Calculates PCB MTBF based on MIL HDBK 217F2 parts count and Telcordia 3 parts stress.

  • Generates Net name and Interface Control Document (ICD).

  • Assigns PCB components to functions for Failure Modes, Effects, and Criticality Analysis (FMECA).

  • Assigns function failure modes for FMECA.

  • Assigns components and failure modes to functions failure modes.

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  • Integrates seamlessly with Altium, Mentor, and OrCAD.

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  • Integrated Analysis Alignment: ECAD Synthelyzer Plugin seamlessly aligns analysis with design updates, ensuring that every assessment remains synchronized with the evolving ECAD environment, thus maintaining accuracy and relevance.

  • Efficient Decision Support: By establishing a direct connection between analyses and real-time ECAD modifications, the ECAD Synthelyzer Plugin facilitates efficient decision-making, empowering users with insights that reflect the most current design state for informed actions.

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Automation and Efficiency

  • Automates the manual stress derating procedure.

  • Saves time and reduces errors in the design process.

  • Shortens design cycles, leading to faster product development

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Enhanced Reliability

  • Enhanced Integration: The plugin seamlessly integrates analysis with design updates, ensuring that every modification is reflected accurately in the analysis without the risk of oversight or inconsistency.

  • Efficient Decision-making: With clear traceability between analysis and design, the plugin streamlines decision-making processes by providing up-to-date insights aligned with the current state of the card, facilitating quicker and more informed decisions.

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Enhanced Reliability

  • Provides more realistic MTBF estimations based on real component stress.

  • Identifies potential failure points, resulting in more robust and reliable products.

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How it works

How It Works

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Data Collection and Analysis

  • Collects comprehensive data on PCB components and their operational conditions.

  • Performs various analyses including component derating, MTBF calculations, and FMECA.

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Granular Analysis

  • Provides a detailed analysis of potential failure points.

  • Offers accurate reliability predictions for the final product.

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Integration with Design Tools

  • Seamlessly integrates with popular ECAD tools such as Altium, Mentor, and OrCAD.

  • Allows engineers to incorporate analyses directly into their design workflows.

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