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Automated Design Verification Solution |
Identifies Errors in Single or Multi-Board Schematic Designs|
Detects Over-stressed Components |
Powered by Patented  Generative-AI Technology

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Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use AI technology for fast and flawless designs

  • Enables the proactive identification of hidden design flaws through AI-powered simulation, eliminating the need for physical prototypes until later stages.

  • Automated Schematic Review (ASR)

  • Multi-PCB Design Inspection: Reviews schematics for errors during design.

  • Precise Electrical Stress Simulation: Analyzes electrical stress on components.

  • Multi-Board System Level Simulation: Considers interactions between multiple PCBs.

  • Extensive Design Rule Library (predefined rules can be extended with user-defined ones): Offers a wide range of design rules with customization options.

  • Real Stress Analysis (uses Interface Control Document (ICD) signals and tolerances): Analyzes stress based on real-world power and load conditions.


  • 90% Faster Verification: Get results quicker and focus on innovation.

  • Precise Stress Analysis: Identify potential issues and prevent unexpected failures.

  • Minimal Data Entry: Spend less time on input and more on engineering.

  • Scalable to Complex Designs: Confidently handle even the largest boards.

  • Early Error Detection: Catch mistakes early and avoid costly rework.

  • Enhanced Quality: Deliver better designs with fewer errors.

  • Accelerate Product Launch: Reduce time-to-market.

  • Superior Design Error Detection Capabilities

How It Works:

  • Circuithawk's generative-AI powered circuit error detection boasts the highest detection capabilities, as it is based on two key factors:

  • 1. Top design best practices derived
        from over 4,000 projects.

  • 2. Specific design rules extracted
      component datasheets.

  • These factors enable highly precise error identification tailored to your specific components.

  • CircuitHawk considers realistic electrical stress on components for a more accurate analysis.

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Key Features

Automated Schematic Review

  • Patented Rule-Based Logical and Parametric analysis.

  • Multi-PCB Design Inspection: Automatic detection of hidden design errors.

  • Customizable rules for tailored error reports.

Rapid Stress Assignment

  • Facilitates semi-automatic stress assignment.

  • Performs logical stress calculations during the schematic phase.

  • Leverages schematic information from the ECAD.

Precise Electrical Stress Analysis

  • Analyze analog and digital circuits.

  • Accurate stress calculations post BOM freeze.

  • Thermal considerations for precise stress simulation.

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Deeper Schematic Review

CircuitHawk offers a more thorough Automated Schematic Review compared to traditional Design Rule Checks, ensuring no design errors slip through the cracks.

Identifying Unseen Design Errors

CircuitHawk excels in uncovering design errors that competitors may overlook, ensuring a thorough and reliable design process.

Stress Analysis for Large-Scale Circuits

CircuitHawk delivers in-depth stress analysis for large-scale circuits, providing a thorough evaluation beyond the capabilities of other software simulations.

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How It Works

How CircuitHawk   Works


Automated Schematic Review

  • Advanced Rule-Based Logic: CircuitHawk employs a patented Rule-Based Logical and Parametric circuit analysis approach, automatically scanning through your design for hidden errors.

  • User-Defined Rules: Tailor the review to your specific needs, whether using predefined rules or creating custom ones, ensuring a personalized error detection system.

  • Prioritized Error Reporting: ASR generates a detailed error report, categorized by severity, empowering you to focus on critical corrections swiftly.

Automated Design Analysis Modules

  • Common Rules Section: Elevate your design quality with 16 advanced checks surpassing traditional Design Rule Checks (DRC), ensuring a higher level of accuracy.

  • Connectivity Verification: Tackle connectivity issues with precision, identifying conflicts and potential problems in net names and power supplies.

  • Chip Interconnection Verification: Simplify the verification of chip reference designs, addressing the complexity of digital ICs with thousands of pins.

  • Safety and Testability Rules: Detect functional, safety, and testability errors early in the design process, ensuring a robust and reliable end product.

  • ESD and Voltage Spike Rules: Empower your design with the ability to define and verify ESD voltage levels, ensuring robustness against unexpected spikes.

  • User-Defined Rules: Unleash flexibility with the creation of custom rules, adapting the analysis to your unique design requirements.

  • Sneak Circuits: Address potential operational anomalies caused by oversight or limitations in the design process.

  • NFF Detection: Tackle the common issue of "No Failure Found" errors with specialized rules, saving valuable time and resources.

Precise Stress Simulation with CircuitHawk Precise

  • Utilizing state-of-the-art simulation techniques: CircuitHawk Precise ensures accurate stress analysis for analog components, contributing to a stable design.

  • Bus-Simulation for Digital Circuits: Enhance your digital design analysis with our advanced bus-simulation capabilities, covering a broad spectrum of digital components for a comprehensive stress evaluation.

  • Operational Parameter Insights: Post BOM freeze, CircuitHawk Precise provides real operational parameters, such as power dissipation, voltage, and current, guiding you towards optimal component placement.

Multi-board Integration Analysis

  • Holistic System Review: After individual PCB simulations, CircuitHawk recommends connecting PCBs for a comprehensive system analysis, identifying design errors related to connectivity and integration.

  • Enhanced Connectivity Insights: Uncover potential pitfalls in the interaction between boards, ensuring seamless integration and operation.

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Case Studies

  Case Studies

Circuithawk Used for Integration of ADAS With Several Car Manufacturers


What Clients Say

fiXtress helps us accelerate our efforts to perform automated design reviews, electrical stress analysis, and reliability prediction before PCB layout and manufacturing. It is both a time-saver and a productivity enhancer.

Dr. Josh Liew,
Senior Reliability Program Manager

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