Maintenance Resource Optimization


Focus on critical resources

Maintenance of large assets is expensive. Best practice KPI for annual maintenance cost is 2% of Replacement Asset Value (RAV), and in most cases the cost is higher.

Maintenance resources include manpower, support equipment, consumables, utilities and facility costs. Decreasing the resources can reduce maintenance costs, but cutting resources too much can result in repair delays, asset deterioration and financial losses due to long downtime.

BQR’s apmOptimizer software is the perfect tool for resources optimization.



  • Boost OEE (Operational Equipment Efficiency)
  • Automatic optimization of resources
  • Identify main cost and down-time drivers


Improve asset performance while reducing maintenance cost!

Logistics Map

Steps for conducting Resources Optimization


Import (optional)

  • Import the block tree, components and failure modes from BQR’s FMECA using BQR’s Core Database
  • Alternately, data can be imported from CSV files


User Input

  • Define project data such as: Life-Cycle period and operation profiles
  • Define the reliability model, repair and replace policy for each block
  • Define logistics options for the asset including: spare stocks, OEMs, shops, and transportation routes
  • Define costs of inspections, maintenance actions, and downtime
  • Define resources required for each inspection and maintenance task (optional)
  • Define additional scenarios in order to compare cost and availability



  • The software validates the user data. If data is missing, user is notified
  • Software optimization module optimizes the maintenance resources at the various shops and operation sites
  • Compare results of different scenarios



  • Detailed reliability and availability parameters for each block
  • Detailed resource quantities
  • Trade-Off: comparison between scenarios
  • All reports can be saved as Excel, HTML or Word files
Spare parts and maintenance optimization
Informative tree view


  • Flexible asset behavior model
  • Part libraries
  • Import tree from Excel or BQR CARE
  • Fast analytic calculations
  • Search and Sort functions
  • Notify user if project data is incomplete or inconsistent
  • Detailed help and wizard for beginners and advanced users