Performance Centered Maintenance

Maintenance of large assets is expensive. Best practice KPI for annual maintenance cost is 2% of Replacement Asset Value (RAV), and in most cases the cost is higher.

The challenge is to create a low cost maintenance plan that focuses on the right equipment, and applies the correct strategy (predictive maintenance, inspections, preventive maintenance and/or spare parts) in order to boost performance.

BQR’s apmOptimizer is a decision support system that can compare the expected performance of various scenarios, and automatically optimize the maintenance plan for each scenario.



  • Boost OEE (Operational Equipment Efficiency)
  • Automatic optimization of maintenance plan
  • Identify main cost and down-time drivers


Improve asset performance while reducing maintenance cost!

Logistics Map

Steps for conducting Performance Centered Maintenance analysis


Import (optional)

  • Import the block tree, components and failure modes from BQR’s FMECA using BQR’s Core Database
  • Alternately, data can be imported from CSV files


User Input

  • Define project data such as: Life-Cycle period and operation profiles
  • Define the reliability model, repair and replace policy for each block
  • Define logistics options for the asset including: spare stocks, OEMs, shops, and transportation routes
  • Define costs of inspections, maintenance actions, and downtime
  • Define resources required for each inspection and maintenance task (optional)
  • Define additional scenarios in order to compare cost and availability



  • The software validates the user data. If data is missing, user is notified
  • Software optimization modules optimize the repair / replace policy, spare part stocks and quantities, inspections and preventive maintenance schedules
  • Software calculates the expected asset behavior and Life-Cycle Cost (LCC). Additionally, identify key failure and cost drivers
  • Compare results of different scenarios



  • Detailed reliability and availability parameters for each block
  • Detailed maintenance and logistics policies
  • Trade-Off: comparison between scenarios
  • All reports can be saved as Excel, HTML or Word files
Spare parts and maintenance optimization
Informative tree view


  • Flexible asset behavior model
  • Part libraries
  • Import tree from Excel or BQR CARE
  • Fast analytic calculations
  • Search and Sort functions
  • Notify user if project data is incomplete or inconsistent
  • Detailed help and wizard for beginners and advanced users