Field Failure Rate

Realistic Distributions from Field Data

The most realistic component / equipment failure rates are obtained by analyzing field failures or run to fail tests.


BQR offers three levels of analysis:

  • Analysis of failure and maintenance logs of many components / equipment, calculation of rate and additional distribution parameters (beta for Weibull, sigma for Log-Normal…), accounting for effects of maintenance events on the component operational age
  • Calculator for constant failure rate and confidence level of many components where the data is saved in a library and can be used together with additional component failure rate sources to calculate system failure rate
  • Free calculator for constant failure rate and confidence level of a single component

  • Select the application that best suits your needs:


Field Failure Rate

BQR-Digital Field Data Analysis

  • Web Application (BQR-Digital)
  • Import failure and maintenance logs
  • Analyze events of single item or group of items with the same part number
  • Calculate distribution parameters
  • Account for maintenance and upgrade events
Field Failure Rate

fiXtress MTBF

  • Desktop Application
  • Import BOM from CAD
  • Analyze failure rate and confidence level based on test results
  • Save data to library
  • Add component failure rates from additional sources (MTBF prediction methods, manufacturer datasheet) and calculate system MTBF
Calculator for component failure rate with 90% confidence given 1 failure during accumulated test time of 8760 hours

Free online calculator

  • Web Calculator (
  • User friendly
  • Free
Free online confidence level calculator