MTBF Prediction


Parts Count Method

BQR’s MTBF parts count online SAAS (Software As A Service) application is a simple yet powerful tool for fast MTBF prediction, based on Mil-HDBK-217 F2 standard.



  • Quickly obtain MTBF calculation and report
  • Save time by using component libraries
  • What-if analysis for components selection: Identify leading components that drive the system failure rate, improve their quality level, and  see how MTBF increases


  • Automatic detection of component group during BOM import
  • Default settings for component group
Screenshot of MTBF prediction software
Calculation summary view


  • Import BOM from all major ECADs
  • Component libraries
  • Quick access to component parameters and datasheet

How It Works

Steps for conducting a MTBF calculation

Import (optional)

  • Import the Bill Of Materials (BOM) from any CSV format (export to CSV is available in all major ECADs)
  • Upload parts library (if available) with previously defined component parameters
  • During import the software AI extracts relevant information from the component description text


User Input

  • Select Environment (for example: GM = Ground Mobile)
  • Add or delete components
  • Define default values for component families
  • Define parameters for specific components
  • Add custom components with user defined failure rate
MTBF Calculation software - screenshot
User friendly BOM edit


  • The software validates the user data. If data is missing, user is notified
  • Software calculates the failure rates and MTBF for all components, and the whole system



  • Detailed MTBF report
  • Pareto reports to identify leading failure drivers
  • All reports can be saved as Excel, HTML or Word files
MTBF Calculation software report - screenshot
Detailed reports
Screenshot of MTBF prediction software
Calculation summary view