MRS – Mechanical Reliability Simulation

MTBF prediction for mechanical systems

MRS is a unique tool for MTBF calculation and failure distribution simulation of mechanical systems and components, accounting for the forces and torques that each component exerts on other components, as well as component tolerances.



  • Improve system reliability and availability from early design phase
  • Quick and intuitive

Compliance to Standards

BQR’s MRS software complies with NSWC (Handbook of reliability prediction procedures for mechanical equipment, Naval Surface Warfare Center)

Mechanical system model

Steps for conducting a MRS analysis


  • Import the block tree and components from BQR’s fiXtress using BQR’s Core Database


User Input

  • Add system components
  • Define component parameters (material, temperature etc.,)
  • Define forces and torques between components
  • Define tolerances for component parameters



  • The software simulates many system realizations based on the assigned component tolerances, and calculates MTBF and failure distributions



  • MTBF and failure distributions
  • All reports can be saved as Excel, HTML or Word files
Simulated failure distribution


  • Mechanical system model
  • Based on NSWC and other sources of MTBF models for mechanical components
  • Materials library
  • Large variety of component types