Inventory Forecast

Spare parts can be viewed as insurance against system failure. When equipment fails, spare parts greatly reduce the restoration time, asset downtime and production loss.
On the other hand, spare parts procurement and handling cost money.
Similar to insurance plans, sparing policy has to be customized to your needs, and focused on risks that are relevant to your asset.


BQR has vast experience in spare parts policy optimization for assets and fleets during design or operation


  • Reduce spare parts, maintenance and down-time cost by an average of 35%
  • Identify main cost and down-time drivers (sensitivity analysis)
  • Optimize for asset availability, not for stock availability
  • No need to define equipment criticality
  • Gain insight regarding your logistics and maintenance policies

Software Features

  • Include central and local stocks
  • On-demand or periodic supply
  • Flexible asset behavior model
  • Accounts for operation phases
  • Part libraries
  • Import tree from Excel or BQR CARE
  • Fast analytic calculations