LCC Life-Cycle Cost

Get the Big Picture

LCC is an important asset KPI that combines financial, technical and logistic aspects of the asset.
BQR provides LCC analysis services. Using BQR’s apmOptimizer software all aspects of the asset operation and maintenance can be defined, allowing to calculate the expected Life Cycle Cost of complex assets, accounting for maintenance, inspections, spare parts, transportation, failure and down time cost.

The module calculates the expected asset behavior (including redundancies) and accounts for the cost of all events.
The resulting report is an excellent Strategic Decision Support tool for asset design or overhaul.


BQR’s experienced team of engineers and mathematicians will create a realistic model of your asset, providing unique actionable BI insights


  • Balance OPEX and CAPEX
  • Useful during bid preparation, asset design or operation
  • Identify main cost and down-time drivers