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Expert Service Solutions

Our Services:

We provide professional services to leading companies in various fields.

Our Services Include:

  • MTBF Prediction, Electrical Stress Analysis, Component De-rating, and Schematic Review for Single or Multi-PCB Systems.

  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety Analysis.

  • Lifecycle Cost & Maintenance Optimization for Intricate Systems.

  • Best Practices in Reliability Education and Software Solution Training.

Our Experts:

Our experienced electronics engineers leverage our advanced, patented software suite to provide a variety of services and deliver tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.


  • Over 30 years of expertise

  • Trusted by global clients

  • Cost-effective alternative to expensive software

  • Powered by BQR's cutting-edge patented software


MTBF, Stress, De-rating, and Schematic Review for
Single or Multi-PCB Systems

Failure Rate Calculation & MTBF Prediction

We provide accurate MTBF prediction using advanced modeling techniques like Reliability Block Diagrams, Fault Tree Analysis, and Monte Carlo simulations

Schematic Review for Electronic Circuits

BQR's experts use our patented software solutions with advanced rule checks to review schematics and detect hidden design errors beyond those caught by standard DRC.

Electrical Stress Analysis & De-rating

Our services include advanced design verification, Identification of vulnerabilities in electrical circuits, calculation of power, voltage and current, and detection of over-stressed components.

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Safety Shield

Reliability, Availability, Maintainability,

and Safety (RAMS) Analysis

In-Depth Safety and Risk Analysis

Employing BQR's patented software, we specialize in conducting safety analyses tailored to diverse industries. Our services adhere to recognized standards including MIL STD 882E (defense), EN 50129 (rail), ARP 4754A (aircraft), and ISO 26262 (automotive). We deliver comprehensive reports encompassing a Safety Plan, Preliminary Hazard List, Functional Hazard Analysis, Operation & Service Hazard Analysis, System Hazard Analysis, and Safety Assessment Report.

RAMS Consulting: The Full Package

Our RAMS consulting goes beyond just reliability. They consider everything for a well-functioning system: uptime, readiness, ease of repair, and most importantly, safety. This is crucial for complex systems with safety regulations. BQR's tools and expertise help you meet these regulations and design a system that's not only reliable but also operates safely.

Reliability & Redundancy Modeling

Struggling to predict system failures? BQR's expertise goes beyond basic calculations. We use advanced software and consider real-world factors like usage and maintenance to create a reliable model for complex systems with backups and aging components. This ensures your system performs smoothly throughout its lifespan.


Lifecycle Cost & Maintenance Optimization Services

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

We Identify key cost drivers throughout the system's lifecycle for informed decision-making.

Inventory Forecast & Spare Parts Optimization

Our helps minimize costs and downtime by optimizing spare parts inventory based on system needs and logistics.

Maintenance Planning & Optimization

 We develop effective maintenance strategies for you by comparing different scenarios and recommending optimal schedules.

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Best Practices in Reliability Education and Software Solution Training

 Reliability Expertise Education

We empower you to become a Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) expert. Our instructors guide you through the best practices covered in the previous services – navigating complex reliability modeling, understanding RAMS concepts, and conducting safety analysis. This in-depth training ensures you can confidently design and manage highly reliable systems.

BQR's Software Tools Training

Want to leverage our powerful software for your own projects? We offer training programs specifically designed for engineers. Learn how to use our advanced tools for tasks like reliability modeling, fault tree analysis, and safety assessments. By mastering this software, you gain the ability to independently analyze and optimize your systems' reliability and safety.

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