• <h1>BQR Company Profile</h1>
<p>The source for “Design for Reliability“ (DFR) and<br />“Design for Maintenance“ (DFM) set of integrated<br />software tools which reduce Life-Cycle-Cost by<br />improving products Reliability and Maintenance in<br />the design and service phases</p><br /><a href="index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=21&Itemid=484"><img src="http://www.bqr.com/templates/bqr/images/learn_more_btn.png" alt="learn more" /></a>
  • <h1>fiXtress™</h1>
<h3>Improves Reliability and Service Life<br />for Electronic Circuits.</h3>
<p>Detects design errors, electrical<br />stress, thermal hotspots and reduces<br />power dissipation</p><br /><a href="fixtress/fixtress-overview.html"><img src="http://www.bqr.com/templates/bqr/images/learn_more_btn.png" alt="learn more" /></a>
  • <h1>CARE ®</h1>
<h3>Computer Aided Reliability<br />Engineering</h3>
<p>Perform MTBF predictions,<br /> FMEA/FMECA, RBD, FTA,<br />Testability, MTTR and Safety<br />analysis</p><br /><a href="care/care-overview.html"><img src="http://www.bqr.com/templates/bqr/images/learn_more_btn.png" alt="learn more" /></a>
  • <h1>apmOptimizer™</h1>
<h3>Asset Performance Maintenance Planning & Optimization</h3>
<p>Analytic Decision Support System for<br /> Enterprise Asset Management  (EAM).<br /> Applicable for Defense and Industry.</p><br /><a href="apmoptimizer/apmoptimizer-overview.html"><img src="http://www.bqr.com/templates/bqr/images/learn_more_btn.png" alt="learn more" /></a>
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  Product Design

PCB & Component
Design Analysis

System Level
Reliability and
Safety Analysis

Expert System for
Optimal Maintenance

Field Maintenance

Computer Aided Design / Engineering


Mentor Graphics, Cadence, OrCad,
Zuken, Altium, Autocad &  Excel



Reduces Stress.
Reduces Risk




Asset Performance Maintenance Optimizer

Enterprise Resources Planning

Enterprise Asset Management


SAP, Oracle, Infor & Excel



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