BQR fiXtress Altium Extension offers stress and reliability analysis, supporting back annotations of the results to the schematic view.

With the added value provided by fiXtress suite, electronic engineers using Altium Designer will be able to design reliable and robust PCBs, shortening time-to-market, improving the design process and reducing field failures.

fiXtress™ Automated Schematic Review

Easy Detection of Design Errors Using Logical and Parametric Functional Verification

fiXtress™ Schematic Review automatically detects schematic design errors based on component parameters for implementing custom rules.

PCB design requires adhering to good engineering practices and rules, which result in a highly complex design review process. fiXtress™ Schematic Review simplifies and automates this process, reduces design time, increases design quality and verifies implementation of the required functionalities.


  • Improves design robustness by detecting errors during schematic review
  • Corrects hard-to-detect design errors before fab-out
  • Streamlines the design process
  • Plug-in for Altium Schematic, suitable for any analog or digital PCB size
  • Applicable for all industries requiring highly reliable electronics boards

fiXtress™ Precise Stress Analysis

Detailed Analysis for Complete Designs, Performs DC & AC Stress Analysis Using Kirchhoff Law and Fourier Analysis

fiXtress™ Precise performs innovative automated stress analysis calculation, providing highly accurate results.

It accounts for component operational modes, identifies over-stressed and over-designed components, offers thermal-placement guidance, generates stress derating reports, and provides actual MTBF and service life information.

Finally, it detects Electrical Stress Analysis (ESA) and design errors before PCB production.


  • Accelerates time to market by reducing design cycles
  • Optimizes component selection, reliability & MTBF
  • Ensures adherence to derating guidelines
  • Optimizes thermal design placement
  • Reduces potential field failures
  • Reduces power consumption, facilitating compliance with green standards
  • Facilitates warranty period and spare parts planning

fiXtress™ Rapid Stress Analysis

Swift Analysis for Incomplete Designs, including DC Stress Analysis Based on Net Potential and Ohm’s Law

fiXtress™ Rapid replaces manual stress calculations, performing effective detection of design and reliability issues.

fiXtress™ Rapid identifies problems early in the design process when they are easier and most cost-effective to repair, and enables multiple engineers to work concurrently.


  • Easy selection of components based on appropriate derating levels
  • Identification of voltage-level conflicts  in IC and Net-name  pins and implementation of Net-naming guidelines
  • Preliminary thermal placement suggestions
  • Ensuring each IC power supply input complies with manufacturer specifications

fiXtress™ MTBF

Supports all MTBF methods: 217, Telcordia, Siemens, CNET, FIDES and Service life.

Customer’s View

Baker Hughes Inc.  Design for Reliability team has been piloting fiXtress with impressive results.

Dr. Josh Liew, Reliability Program Manager: “This Altium-fiXtress integration will help accelerate our efforts to harden electrical designs prior to PCB layout by significantly reducing the time it takes for us to prepare inputs for our simulations. It is both a time-saver and a productivity enhancer.”