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As a globally recognized authority, BQR Reliability Engineering has cultivated a profound understanding of engineers' needs since 1989. This expertise has positioned us at the forefront of our industry, offering innovative patented software solutions worldwide:

Synthelyzer™ ECAD Plugin: Component De-rating Analysis and MTBF Prediction for Single PCB Electronic Design at the Pre-layout Stage.

fiXtress®: AI-Powered Automated Component De-rating, Thermal Analysis, and MTBF Prediction for Single/Multi-Board Electronic Designs in the Pre-layout Stage.

CircuitHawk: AI-Powered Automated Design Verification Solution for Identifying Errors in Single/Multi-Board Electronic Designs During the Pre-layout Stage.

CARE®: Integrated Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety Analysis for Early-Stage Design of Electronic Systems.

apmOptimizer®: Automated Maintenance & Logistics Optimization for Intricate Electronic Systems.

Explore our experts' posts, papers, and case studies to gain insights into how our patented software empowers the design process.

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