Why Choose BQR?

BQR has more than 30 years of experience in providing end-to-end patented engineering solutions (software and professional services) for mission critical systems. Our uniqueness lies in the fact that we support a product’s entire lifecycle, starting from the design phase (exclusive feature), through testing, manufacturing and operation. Our technology was developed by engineers, for engineers, based on their company’s & industry’s specific needs and requirements.

As a result, we have the ability to perform all required analyses on the product before integration testing and production, while it is still easy and inexpensive to make changes. Our aim is to improve products and asset reliability, robustness and maintenance through these solutions, which are designed to help engineers optimize processes and save on precious design and manufacturing costs.

Some of our Customers

BQR Software Solutions


BQR fiXtress is a state-of-the-art tool for creating superior, robust, and reliable electronics systems. fiXtress enables users to conduct circuit simulation, and automated stress and power analysis, for easy detection of design and reliability issues.


BQR CARE suite is an integrated tool that gives a well rounded solution for RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) analyses. CARE is widely used among industry leaders worldwide.


BQR apmOptimizer is one of the most powerful optimization tools for maintenance, Spare Parts and Logistics planning in today’s market. apmOptimizer not only helps predict the effects of current maintenance policies, but also recommends how to optimize them.


BQR provides cloud based Saas (Software As A Service) applications for MTBF prediction, Field Data Analysis, and logistics.


Completed Projects

Return On Investment




Israel Bar, Hardware Design Engineer, Mobileye

With fiXtress ASR, we went from entire days of manual checks to an effective automated process lasting just several moments. Best of all, now we can be sure that the chip is used correctly by every single car manufacturer

Dr. Josh Liew, Reliability Program Manager, Baker Hughes

fiXtress helps us accelerate our efforts to perform automated design reviews, electrical stress analysis and reliability prediction prior to PCB layout and manufacturing. It is both a time-saver and a productivity enhancer

D.A Team Leader – Elop Elbit systems

Over the past two months, BQR’s team performed electrical stress analysis for our company, using fiXtress for two critical projects on a very tight schedule. I would like to thank BQR for the hard work and the professional reports, especially since the schedules were almost impossible to keep. Your reports, which detected several design errors, helped us improve…

R. Z. Director, ILS & Maintenance- Elbit BVR

I wish to take this opportunity to thank you personally as well as the entire BQR team for supporting us from the initial purchase and experience of apmOptimizer. Your team contribution to our success is much appreciated.

Case Studies

Case Study: Defense company uses BQR software for calculating the probabilities of safety events

BQR collaborated with Israel’s national water company Mekorot regarding availability of main water pumps at the Eshkol water filtration plant.

Case Study: Leading Rail companies use BQR software

Safety of rolling stock and signalling systems is critical for the rail industry, therefore, product designers are required to comply with reliability and functional safety standards such as EN-50126,8,9.

Case Study: RAM analysis for defense mobile communication system

Communications systems can be quite complex, supporting several frequency bands, including receivers, transmitters, encryption units and end devices (channel selectors, speakers and microphones). BQR conducted RAM analysis for a leading defense company regarding such a communication system.

Case Study: Sheet metal company reduces annual maintenance cost by 22.6%

Sheet metal production requires heavy equipment that operates at extreme temperatures. When a failure occurs, the production line often has to be stopped and cooled before maintenance takes place. For this reason, equipment reliability and maintenance is critical.