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ECAD Electronics Computer Aided Design
Safety & Risk Analysis Safety and Risk analysis tools and services
MTBF Prediction Calculate MTBF for electronic and electro-mechanical systems
Reliability Engineering Reliability Engineering software and services.
Calculate Reliability and Availability of complex systems, accounting for redundancies
Maintenance Engineering Analyze the maintainability of systems with multiple maintenance tiers
System Engineering Integrate system engineering with Safety, Reliability, Availability and Maintainability analyses from concept and up to final design
Predictive Maintenance Calculate the expected ROI of PdM (Predictive Maintenance) systems
and choose the optimal configuration for your asset
Logistics Analyze the logistics and maintainability of systems with elaborate
supply chains
Industry 4.0 Utilize SCADA and Sensor data to improve production efficiency
I-IoT Calculate the expected ROI of Industrial Internet of Things (I-IoT) systems
and choose the optimal configuration for your asset
PLM Product Lifecycle Management tools
SLM Service Lifecycle Management tools
CMMS / ERP / EAM Extract BI from your Computerized Management Systems
ODM Improve oversight of subcontractor electronics reliability
FRACAS Collect and analyze FRACAS data to predict Remaining Useful Life
SCADA Utilize SCADA for data driven decision making
Field Failure Rate Extract Failure Rates from Field or Test data