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Case Study: Enhanced Fleet Operational Readiness through apmOptimizer®: A Spare Parts Optimization


BQR's apmOptimizer™ played a pivotal role in optimizing spare parts for a navy fleet consisting of 10 warships designed for diverse mission profiles.


The Navy faced significant challenges, including extended repair times for LRUs and SRUs, adversely impacting fleet operational readiness. Additionally, the task involved procuring spares to sustain the fleet's operational needs over a three-year period.


Utilizing apmOptimizer™, the case study focused on recommending optimal spare part quantities for each stock, part number, and required operational availability, ensuring a strategic and efficient approach to spare parts management.


The outcomes were remarkable, with apmOptimizer™ identifying the optimal quantities of spare parts for both warehouses and Carry On Board (COB) provisions. This not only minimized costs but also maintained a high level of fleet availability, showcasing the tangible benefits of utilizing apmOptimizer™ in naval fleet spare parts optimization.


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