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CARE® Case Study: Enhancing Pump System Availability for Mekorot, Israel's National Water Company

Updated: 2 days ago


BQR collaborated with Mekorot, Israel's national water company, to assess the availability of the main water pumps at the Eshkol water filtration plant. The pumping station, crucial for the national water supply system, comprises eight pumps with a capacity of 75,000m³/hour and a lifting capacity of 15 meters.


The challenge involved analyzing historical failure and maintenance records obtained from SCADA and SAP-ERP systems. The goal was to develop a comprehensive reliability and availability model for the pumps, considering varying scenarios of capacity demand and maintenance policies.

Solution: Leveraging BQR-Digital Field Data Analysis and apmOptimizer software, the analysis successfully addressed the complexities of different scenarios, ensuring the required operational pumps in diverse conditions were accounted for. The model also factored in the probability of depleting the distribution reservoir, which has a capacity of 130,000m³.


Reliability and availability results were meticulously calculated for multiple scenarios, leading to actionable recommendations for enhancing system reliability. The analysis indicated that a 5% additional investment (compared to the initial investment) could result in a remarkable 20% reduction in downtime.

Field Failure Rate: The comprehensive assessment included a thorough analysis of the field failure rate, providing valuable insights for optimizing the performance and maintenance strategy of the water pumps.


This collaborative effort with Mekorot exemplifies BQR's commitment to delivering tailored solutions for critical infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in vital water supply systems.


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