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CARE® Case Study: Enhancing RAMS for Leading Rail Companies with BQR Software


Safety standards, including EN-50126, EN-50128, and EN-50129, are paramount in the rail industry, requiring product designers to adhere to stringent reliability and functional safety regulations. To meet these demands, a prominent rolling stock Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has integrated BQR's advanced software solutions into its design processes.

Client Profile: A leading OEM in the rolling stock sector, committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions while ensuring the highest safety and reliability standards.


  1. Compliance with rigorous industry safety standards.

  2. Conducting comprehensive Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety (RAMS) analyses for rolling stock and signalling systems.

BQR Solutions Implemented:

  1. MTBF Prediction Software:

  • Integrated BQR's MTBF prediction software into the design RAMS activities.

  • Ensured adherence to industry standards and compliance with safety regulations.

  1. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) Software:

  • Employed BQR's FTA software to calculate failure probabilities for Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF).

  • Tackled complex Fault Trees with hundreds of end events and over 30 common causes, including nested common causes.


  1. Efficient Failure Probability Calculations:

  • BQR's FTA software swiftly computed failure probabilities for intricate Fault Trees.

  • Identified leading minimal cut-sets, crucial for understanding SIF failure events.

  1. Enhanced System Robustness and Reliability:

  • Detected weak points in the system, allowing for targeted improvements.

  • Demonstrated that the failure probability aligns with the stringent limits required by industry standards.


  1. Compliance Assurance:

  • Enabled the OEM to meet and exceed safety and reliability standards.

  • Demonstrated a commitment to compliance with industry regulations.

  1. Operational Efficiency:

  • Streamlined design RAMS activities with the integration of BQR's MTBF prediction software.

  • Improved efficiency in calculating failure probabilities and analyzing complex Fault Trees.

  1. System Optimization:

  • Identified and addressed system vulnerabilities, enhancing overall robustness.

  • Provided insights for continuous improvement in system reliability.


By leveraging BQR's advanced MTBF prediction and FTA software solutions, the leading rolling stock OEM successfully enhanced its RAMS activities, ensuring the highest levels of safety, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. The integration of BQR software has not only streamlined operational processes but has also positioned the client as a pioneer in meeting and exceeding the stringent safety requirements of the rail industry.

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