MTTR Mean Time To Repair


Be Prepared

MTTR (Mean Time To Repair / Replace) is an important parameter for maintainability planning and optimization.

BQR’s MTTR software allows you to define the repair / replace steps for each component and assembly in a hierarchic tree, and to calculate MTTR for each level.

By reviewing the repair steps you gain insight regarding the required support equipment, staff, and time for repair / replace tasks.



  • Improve maintainability during design
  • Quick and intuitive

Compliance to Standards

BQR’s MTTR software complies with MIL HDBK 472

Mean Time To Repair - software screenshot
Informative tree view

Steps for conducting a MTTR analysis


  • Import the product tree, components and failure modes from BQR’s FMECA or fiXtress using BQR’s Core Database


User Input

  • Define repair tasks for all components including: Preparation, Detection, Isolation, Alignment, Checkout and Calibration
  • Define remove and replace tasks
Connections Library


  • The software calculate MTTR and MCTmax for all relevant assemblies in the product tree



  • MTTR Calculation
  • MTTR Allocation
  • Tasks
  • All reports can be saved as Excel, HTML or Word files


  • Import breakdown tree from BQR FMECA or MTBF software
  • Library of Dis-assembly and assembly standard remove/replace time
  • Calculate MTTR
  • MCTmax (Maximal repair time for a defined confidence level)
  • MTTR Allocation