MTBF Prediction Software – Improve mean time between failures! 

When designing a product, the Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Failure Rate, and Service Life are important parameters that are often required by end customers for compliance with standards and regulations. MTBF is important for safety and reliability analyses of critical systems, but in recent years MTBF has also become a standard parameter for comparing the quality of consumer electronics.

BQR MTBF prediction software complies with the following standards:

Standard Description
FIDES Reliability Methodology for Electronic Systems
IEC 62380 Universal model for reliability prediction of electronics components, PCBs and equipment
IEC 61709* Electric components – Reliability – Reference conditions for failure rates and stress models for conversion
Telcordia Reliability Prediction Procedure for Electronic Equipment
HDBK GJB299 Reliability Prediction Handbook for Electronic Equipment
SN 29500 Failure rate, component, expected value, dependability
HRD 5 Handbook of Reliability Data for Electronic Components
NSWC Handbook of Reliability Prediction Procedures for Mechanical Equipment


* BQR offers professional service for reliability calculations based on customer reference data in accordance with IEC 61709, contact us for more information.

MTBF Prediction software features

  • Easy import of product tree from CAD systems
  • Quick access to component parameters and datasheet
  • Part Number libraries
  • Support Parts Count and Parts Stress
  • Combine all available failure rate sources (prediction methods, manufacturer data, and field test results) in one analysis
  • Calculate MTBF, failure rates, and service life
  • Account for environment and operation profile
  • On-screen Search and Sort functions
  • Notify user if project data is incomplete or inconsistent
  • Detailed help and wizard for beginners and advanced users
MTBF software screenshot
MTBF prediction main tree
MTBF software screenshot
Part Number Library

Learn how MTBF Prediction software works

Following is a list of steps for use of BQR’s MTBF software:


  • Import the product tree and components from CAD tools
  • During Import, the component description is parsed and relevant information is extracted
  • If components exist in the libraries, no additional data is required for them

User Input

  • Define project data such as: prediction method, relevant environments (several can be defined in each project)
  • Complete component data if necessary, for example: duty cycle


  • The software verify the user defined data. If data is missing, user is notified
  • The software calculates failure rates for components, assemblies and the system level
  • Calculate for a single environment or multiple environments
  • Calculate service life
  • Early Life and Upper Confidence Level for Telcordia methods


  • Failure rates for all components and all higher level blocks, for all environments
  • Pareto reports – identify leading failure rate drivers by reference designator, part number and part type
  • All reports can be saved as Excel, HTML or Word files
MTBF software screenshot
Temperature dependence of MTBF according to two standards