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Key Features:

  • Conducts analysis on PCB components: Collects data and conducts lightweight de-rating analysis to predict component aging under varying operating conditions. This analysis can encompass the entire PCB design or specific sections of it.

  • Calculates PCB reliability: Estimates how long a PCB can function using component count and stress level methods.

  • Automates FMECA analysis: Assigns components to different functions and their potential failure modes within the PCB design.




How It Works:

  • Focuses on PCB analysis: Unlike traditional system-level tools, it analyzes individual components on a PCB.

  • Integrates with design tools: Works seamlessly with the most popular ECAD software for in-workflow analysis.

  • Provides granular insights: Enables detailed analysis of potential failure points for accurate PCB reliability predictions.

Untitled design(161).png
Untitled design(161).png


  • Saves time and reduces errors: Automates manual tasks and provides more accurate data for reliable designs.

  • Shortens design cycles: Streamlines the design process by automating analysis.

  • Delivers more robust products: Helps identify and address potential failure points for higher quality PCBs.

  • Seamless analysis-to-design traceability: Ensure every analysis aligns with real-time design updates, maintaining clarity and relevance.

  • Traceability: By directly connecting the analysis to the most recent schematic version, we achieve complete traceability, making it easier to verify and validate the analysis.

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